HABITATS in HARMONY helps families thrive in their indoor spaces. Guided by the Principles of Building Biology and a passion for nurturing our relationship to nature, we help to optimize your home for wellness and rejuvenation.

Located in Boulder, CO, certified Building Biologist, Misty Krawczyk, works with clients in the surrounding Denver and Front Range areas to create healthy living sanctuaries and to identify and remediate possible causes that may harm health.


Misty is compassionate, smart and a good listener. In a methodical and logical way, she has helped me address problems in my town-home due to fluctuating magnetic fields coming in on the water pipes, a puzzling wiring error, strong wifi fields from two neighbors, and our unwanted but inevitable smart meter. She also showed me which household breakers to switch off at night while we sleep, for greater health effects. I feel so grateful for what I have learned from Misty and fancy myself a bit smarter from my association with her!
— RP, Boulder, CO
In our house, there was some funky stuff where I couldn’t figure out why our HVAC vents seemed to read high magnetic fields (a plumbing problem?) and why one wall of wiring also read really, really high (a wiring problem)? Do I call a plumber or an electrician? What do I tell them? That’s when I decided I had to buy a better meter (very expensive) or call a professional (who has better meters and the expertise to read them). So I dug and dug and found a local Building Biologist. Misty was fab.

She did magnetic field readings (which were very high and scared the daylight outta me) that we managed to diminish with a plumbing fix! And she did electric field readings (body voltage tests) that indicated if we switch off a couple of breakers at night, we won’t get so zapped and the quality of our sleep may improve.
Bingo! I decided to give the electric field test a bit of a try over the weekend (when we don’t need to rely on our alarm clocks to get to school/work on time) and it made a HUGE difference. This piece alone is worth the price of admission. Everybody is sleeping so much better. So everybody’s in a better mood. And, of course, since our bodies finally get a chance at some decent stage 4 sleep, we can start to let some biological repair work get going. My supplements have dropped considerably, and it’s only been a week. There’s a bit of room in my pill box that I’m considering filling with candy to celebrate.
— LD, Boulder, CO

Banner image photo credit: Andrew Branch