Our Mission:

HABITATS in HARMONY is passionate about inspiring harmony between the built environment and nature to foster health for all.

While innovation has abounded over the last century, our bodies evolved over millennia—and in nature. In the last century, we have introduced a multitude of synthetic and man-made elements into our everyday lives, which are simply toxic to our bodies and the environment. As a result, many of us have developed sensitivities to things our civilization now takes for granted. Things like wifi, air and water pollution, and toxic building materials have made our living environments unlivable.



A health first approach to living environments

While many building consultants advocate for “green" materials or products based on cost, often the results aren’t so great for your health. HABITATS in HARMONY helps educate you on what helps or hurts your space for optimal health.

Advocating for nature as the gold standard for a healthy home

Connection to nature is fundamental to human health, well-being, and survival. HABITATS in HARMONY is passionate about fostering our relationship with nature by incorporating natural elements and healthy building materials to create the ultimate living sanctuary.

The diligence of a scientist and care of a mom

HABITATS in HARMONY founder, Misty Krawczyk, was inspired to become a Building Biologist in her own quest to heal her family from health issues caused by harmful environmental exposures.  Using a scientific, research based approach, she can do the same for you.



Misty Krawczyk

Building Biology Environmental Consultant
Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist

Driven to heal her own family’s environmental sensitivities, Misty transitioned her life from a market researcher for the Fortune 50 to that of a student of Building Biology. Through the International Institute for Building Biology® & Ecology, she studied the various methodologies for creating healthy habitats that facilitate a harmonious relationship between humans and the environment. Implementing the Principles of Building Biology®, Misty was not only able to help her own family, but has since developed a keen passion and expertise in helping others create healthy living spaces in harmony with nature.

Misty is a certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant (BBEC) and Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS) through the International Institute for Building Biology® & Ecology and holds a BA in International Trade & Commerce and BS in Business from the University of Northern Colorado. Misty is located in Boulder, CO.

Banner image photo credit: Andrew Phillips